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As of 11/10/2015

The Albion Fire District provides emergency services to the residents and businesses in the Lincoln village of Albion RI and functions exclusively from tax revenue collected each year. We do not receive any funding from the Town of Lincoln for operating expenses. Property owners and businesses who do not pay their taxes on time pose a financial burden on all of the taxpayers who do pay on time.

Late payments will have interest and fees deducted first and the balance applied to the principal. Call 401-333-6798 or login to to get the current amount owed.

The qualified voters at the annual taxpayer meeting held on October 13, 2015 approved a tax rate for fire district fiscal year beginning November 1, 2015. The tax rate was set at $1.51 per thousand of the assessed value on real estate for residential, $1.78 per thousand for commercial, $3.00 per thousand for tangible property and $1.10 per thousand of the assessed value on motor vehicles with a $10 minimum bill. An 18% annual interest rate on delinquent accounts was also approved Please make checks payable to the Albion Fire District. If a check is not honored by your bank, you will be charged a service fee of $25.

Any bills over $200 may be paid on a semi-annual basis which payments shall become due and payable in 2 installments on December 31 and May 1 of the fiscal year. Any and all bills less than $200 shall be paid in full on or before December 31.

The RI Legislature has eliminated the motor vehicle tax subsidy to the fire district. The Albion Fire District issues this motor vehicle tax bill due to the loss of this income. The Albion Fire District is billing for autos to make up for the $34,000 lost when the General Assembly decided to eliminate the tax subsidy paid directly to the district. An explanation was printed on the back of the tax bill, this bill was in addition to the motor vehicle bill taxpayers received from the town of Lincoln.

The tax bills are based on motor vehicles owned before December 31, 2009, and the valuations were provided to the fire district from the Lincoln tax assessor.

Taxpayers at the annual meeting did not think is was fair to pass on this loss of revenue to only the property owners and voted to spread it out to all motor vehicle owners as was done over 10 years ago.The rate was frozen by the legislature in 1999.

Unpaid motor vehicle taxes will result in you’re not being able to re-register your vehicle. The fire district will place a registration block with the RI Division of Motor vehicles on ALL unpaid taxes.

You will be required to pay your delinquent motor vehicle tax in person at the fire station during the scheduled office hours in order to obtain a release of the block on your registration.

The Albion Fire District Tax Collector's office is responsible for the collection and receipt of monies due the fire district including, real estate and tangible property taxes. The Albion Fire District tax collector is a part-time position and office hours vary with the time of year. You can contact the tax collector at 401-333-6798 and leave a message or e-mail

The Tax Collector has all powers, rights, and duties as prescribed by the laws of the State of Rhode Island and the fire Albion Fire District Charter.

As a convenience to our taxpayers... you can now pay your taxes through your internet connection with a VISA or Master Card credit card. Just log on to and enter your account and PIN number. A 3% service charge will be collected by the credit card processing company. The Albion Fire District is not incurring any expense for this service. Credit card payments can only be made on-line.

Tax bills are mailed soon after the annual taxpayer meeting held in the month of November each year. The Albion Fire District receives its property valuations from the Town of Lincoln after July 1 each year in order to prepare the tax bills.

Rhode Island CHAPTER 44-7
Collection of Taxes Generally
SECTION 44-7-7

§ 44-7-7 Notice by collector to taxpayer of amount of tax. – The collector, after receiving a tax list and warrant, shall immediately, at the expense of the city or town, send notice to each person assessed of the amount of his or her tax. The notice shall be mailed postpaid and directed to the address on file in the office of the city or town treasurer or the assessors of taxes. Failure by the collector to send or failure by the taxpayer to receive a notice shall not excuse the nonpayment of the tax or affect its validity or any proceedings for the collection of the tax.

What this means is that the Albion Fire District will send the tax bill to the owner of record in the Town of Lincoln Tax Assessors office as of 12/31 each year and that the Albion Fire District will not be responsible if there is a current owner who does not get a tax bill. The current owner will be responsible for all taxes, interest, and penalties that might be due.

If you are the new property owner and have not received a tax bill by the end of November please call the tax collector’s office at 401-333-6798 and leave your name, address and phone number.


A tax sale is held each year in the month of May on properties that are delinquent two years or more including the current year.


The Albion Fire District understands that from time to time some taxpayers may be experiencing financial difficulties for a variety of reasons. If a taxpayer finds that he/she is incurring a financial problem that will jeopardize the timely payment of any of their obligations to the fire district, it is extremely important that they contact the Tax Collector as soon as the problem is identified. This will provide the best opportunity to find a solution that is satisfactory to everyone. Early intervention is the key to the fire district's ability to be of assistance to the taxpayer versus becoming part of the problem.

If you are in danger of losing your home you can contact the Rhode Island Housing Help Center, 44 Washington St., Providence, RI 02903.
Phone number: 401-457-1130
Web site:

Tax Collector
PO Box 579
Albion, RI 02802

Thank you for supporting the firefighters of the Albion Fire District.